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Don’t Let It Happen to You: Mistakes Made in Forex Trading

When it comes to trading, mistakes can be quite costly. This is especially true in the world of forex trading. Therefore, it is highly important that you be aware of certain mistakes so you can better avoid them.

Mistakes like:

No Risk Analysis

Every investment has a risk that is attached to it. After all, no one really knows how the market is going to be from one day to the next. This is why it is highly important to conduct a risk analysis before making a decision on whether you should buy or sell the stocks that you have.

What are the risks involved? What is the potential earning margin? What is the potential loss? Knowing the answers to these questions can help determine the risk of the investment.

Chasing That Loss

Everyone that has dabbled in investment has surely felt a loss. After all, no one is perfect! When you do recoup some funds for the next investment, it is always important to not chase any losses. A bad investment or a bad call cannot be taken back no matter how much you can wish for it.

Chasing a loss blinds you from chasing other better and more viable investment options.

Not Paying Attention to International News

Forex is always touched upon by foreign policies and current events. Depending on the climate of a particular country, the forex market can suffer or bloom. This is why it is very important that you pay attention to the realm of international news—especially when it comes to the stock market and the policies which are passed or blocked.

Knowing that information can help you better make strong investment decisions.

Everyone makes mistakes but some mistakes cost more than others. We hope that this is something that you keep in mind when you dabble in the world of forex trading. Perhaps your Forex Introducing Broker can help hammer the idea home! Ask them more about mistakes so that you can better avoid them. Good luck!

7 Mistakes to avoid when trading Forex

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Saving for Investment: How You Can Build Your Investment Fund

Dabbling in investments can be really exciting. They can lead to significant gains and even some losses but the gains are much too good to resist. If you want to invest, you will need to have an investment fund. Having a separate fund solely for your investment can help to protect the rest of your money.

Now, so how do you go about building that investment fund? Here are a few ways that we built ours:

Establish a Budget


First and foremost, a budget can help you keep a sharp eye on where your income is going. If you have a strong idea of your cash flow and what your responsibilities are, you can better see what amount can be set aside specifically toward your investment fund.

A budget can also help you keep track of how much you’ve already managed to set aside.

Go On a Cash Diet


This is something that banks will probably hate us for—after all, they love it when people are credit obsessed and spending money they don’t have yet. Not to mention all of the lovely interest money that they rake in.

Going on a cash diet (only using cash to purchase or pay for anything) will ensure that you aren’t using your credit card and will keep your payables to a minimum. This means more money will be going toward your investment fund.

Draw Up a Financial Plan


It is worth noting that a financial plan is very different from a budget. The financial plan takes into account the money you’re directing towards the investment or stocks and what you’re planning to do with it. The very best forex brokers will all show you how to establish a financial plan.

With these tips in the bag, we’re pretty sure that your investment fund will be pooling up beautifully. What do you do to grow your investment fund?


A Breed Apart: Why Forex Introducing Brokers Are Best for Beginners

The concept of a Forex introducing Broker (IB) is relatively new to some. What a lot of people should realize is the fact that they are really useful when it comes to investing for beginners. An IB—especially a Forex IB—is a pretty good fit for those that are still trying to get settled or learn more about investing.

Let us explain why.

Direct Client Relations

A Forex Introducing Broker deals directly with clients. They aren’t just some voice that you can hear on the phone or left as an email in your inbox. They are real people in the flesh that sit down with you and hear out your goals and misgivings about investing at this time or not.

Direct client relations are best for beginners as this gives them the human interaction and immediate assurance of presence.

Partner Not Employee

A lot of people tend to speak badly of brokers because they think that they are the boss or are given the false impression that the broker is at their beck and call. People who are aiming to invest but are new at it will need a partner rather than feeling they need to be the one to call the shots.

A Forex IB is a good partner for beginners and helps them better understand the lay of the land.

Platform Assistance

If you have ever tried to call into your broker to ask them a question about MT4 or another platform then you know how difficult it can be to get a hold of someone who is actually willing to help. Forex brokers are not generally known for their ability to assist Forex trading when it comes to Forex trading platform related questions.  They typically just refer them to Google or somewhere else to seek the answers they are looking for.  A Forex introducing Broker that specializes in platforms can assist though.  There are Forex introducing brokers available that will assist you in installing your Expert Advisors, figuring out platform related issues, and so on and so forth.

What is Forex Trading

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Investment 101: 3 Quickie Tips You Should Know Beforehand

When you want to earn a little extra on top of your income or your business earnings, investing is often a popular course of action. If you’re new to this, there are a few basic tips that you should take to heart. Lucky for you, we are willing to share some of those basic tips for today!

If you’re going to be investing your money in stocks or trading, you will want to remember:

Separate the Investment Money

If you’re a gambling person, this often refers to the bankroll. This is the money that is separate from all your other funds that is dedicated to a particular cause—in this case: investment. If you are ever going to dive into the world of investments, you need to make sure that you have a set amount of money that you can use and realistically, afford to lose.

Not All Brokers Want to Help

You really need to be discerning when it comes to the brokers that you hire or choose to work with. No matter what field exists there will be unsavory people that aim to take advantage of others. The world of Forex is no different.

There can be a lot of money to be made here so you need to be careful about the broker that you go with.

Learn As You Go

If you are truly serious about investing your money in stocks or in Forex, you will need to pick up information as you go along. You must never be 100% reliant on your broker to tell you “what’s a good investment right now” or what your plan should be.

You will need to understand that brokers can help but ultimately it will be up to you to decide if something is good or not.

Investing is not as scary or as daunting as it may seem on paper and in theory. All you need to do is to approach things rationally and keep our tips in mind!


Hunting for Forex: Why the Type of Broker You Get Matters

When you’re itching to cut yourself a slice of the Forex market pie, it is always important to know that you don’t have to tackle it alone. Specifically, Forex brokers can really prove to be an invaluable aid to your goals.

However, this isn’t to say that Forex brokers come in a single type. There are different sort of Forex brokers out there, such as a Forex Introducing Broker or Stock Broker. It is important to note what type of broker you’re getting because you may experience varying things. Things like:



The services that you can get will vary in accordance to the type of broker you get. Usually, when you just get a general investment broker, you will do all your interaction via phone and they do not personally do the trading on your behalf—their firm’s floor manager will do that.

If you want something that’s a bit more personal so that you can really pick the mind of the person who is supposed to be helping you, familiarizing yourself with the different broker types can help.

Trading Platforms


Just like there are hundreds, if not thousands of Stock and Forex brokers, there are hundreds of Forex trading platforms.  Each broker is going to have unique trading platforms that they offer.  It is important that you find a broker that has the best Forex trading platforms available.  Because there are so many platforms to choose from this can be difficult. You have MT4, MT5, TradingView, fxTrade, and the list goes on and on.  If you use an introducing broker though they will be able to help guide you in the right direction and help you find the best trading platform for your trading style and experience level.



In the land of Forex markets, experience is everything. Depending on the type of broker that you get, you can end up with someone who has never stepped on the trading floor at all. The type of broker you choose can have you coming across people with varying degrees of actual experience with trading.

If you want to make money, would you go with a complete rookie or someone who’s been battle tested?

Always remember that the type of broker that you choose can significantly affect your overall experience with Forex trading.


Personal Financial Freedom: What You Will Need In Order to Achieve It

Money is always the catalyst in which great stories are born. Financial freedom is often the goal for many individuals—it even counts as a dream for some! The trouble is, of course, actually attaining it. Today, we wanted to share our thoughts about what you will need in order to achieve financial freedom.

Let’s begin!

Financial Literacy

The road always starts with knowledge. This is a fact that you will always run into no matter what trade or field you are looking to break into. If you are hoping to attain financial freedom within your lifetime, you will definitely need financial literacy.

The understanding of how to make money work an how to handle it can significantly contribute toward your progress.

A Solid Plan

Once you’ve gotten a handle on your finances, it would be time to draw up a plan. A solid plan doesn’t have to be something that automatically spans well into your nineties. Instead, you can come up with short term or immediate plans.

Do you have any loans that need to be addressed? Is there a goal that can be solved with better sorted finances? The answers to these questions can help you understand what your plans should be about.

A Helping Hand

The thing about money is that it can really be tricky for some people—despite all of their best intentions and efforts. The good thing is that there are a lot of people that can actually be helpful in the journey toward financial freedom.

They can come in the form of financial advisors, brokers, and even trusted family or friends. When you are stuck, it always pays to reach out and ask for a helping hand.

So clearly, when it comes to money, it is highly important to get your ducks in a row! In order to achieve financial freedom, we hope that you take our points into consideration!