A Breed Apart: Why Forex Introducing Brokers Are Best for Beginners

The concept of a Forex introducing Broker (IB) is relatively new to some. What a lot of people should realize is the fact that they are really useful when it comes to investing for beginners. An IB—especially a Forex IB—is a pretty good fit for those that are still trying to get settled or learn more about investing.

Let us explain why.

Direct Client Relations

A Forex Introducing Broker deals directly with clients. They aren’t just some voice that you can hear on the phone or left as an email in your inbox. They are real people in the flesh that sit down with you and hear out your goals and misgivings about investing at this time or not.

Direct client relations are best for beginners as this gives them the human interaction and immediate assurance of presence.

Partner Not Employee

A lot of people tend to speak badly of brokers because they think that they are the boss or are given the false impression that the broker is at their beck and call. People who are aiming to invest but are new at it will need a partner rather than feeling they need to be the one to call the shots.

A Forex IB is a good partner for beginners and helps them better understand the lay of the land.

Platform Assistance

If you have ever tried to call into your broker to ask them a question about MT4 or another platform then you know how difficult it can be to get a hold of someone who is actually willing to help. Forex brokers are not generally known for their ability to assist Forex trading when it comes to Forex trading platform related questions.  They typically just refer them to Google or somewhere else to seek the answers they are looking for.  A Forex introducing Broker that specializes in platforms can assist though.  There are Forex introducing brokers available that will assist you in installing your Expert Advisors, figuring out platform related issues, and so on and so forth.

What is Forex Trading

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