Birthday Bash: The Carnival of Personal Finance

We are rapidly approaching our blogiversary here at Stock Market Beat (the first post was on March 8, 2006 but we’re calling February 28 the birthday because, well, it’s our birthday.) As part of the celebration leading up to the blogiversary, we are hosting this week’s Carnival of Personal Finance.

Furthermore, this is a special week to be hosting the Carnival since it is… well… Carnival! But we won’t be saying “farewell to meat” just yet, as there are plenty of meaty posts to review this week. And when you’re done, be sure to check out our new site, Financial Education.

Carnival in Rio, by Carlos Alberto Pacheco

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Post of the Week

The Finance Buff tells us what to expect when our bank goes belly-up.

On Living Well Within Your Means or Living Well, Within Your Means

Living Almost Large takes on the Latte factor, saying, in essence, that it’s the big things that count. As people who would fall asleep at our desk and get fired if we didn’t have our morning pot of coffee, we would also point out that the $5 latte (who is really paying that much for one?) should sometimes be considered a career investment. Note to Living: According to your chart, you have a net worth of $192,500. According to your photo, you don’t have a bedframe. Your frugality is going too far, it is time to buy one.

In fact, listen to the Frugal Law Student and stop being a tightwad.

Wenchypoo’s take on the “war against the middle class:” forget class, buy those things that make you happy and you can afford.

Paul has an Extreme Perspective: Use Your Money to its Fullest.

My Financial Awareness has ideas for what to do when there isn’t enough money to get what you want.

CJ from the Coin Jar tells us about a woman with good financial sense. Moral of the story: Don’t go into debt – sell all your stuff.

Well-heeled has a question about motivation.

The Stubborn Capitalist responds to 9 fallacies of the poor.

Love and Money

They may be in debt, but We’re in Debt had their marriage roles planned out ahead of time.

Millionster is such a romantic. For Valentine’s Day he posted on the hidden cost of girlfriends. Single Ma strikes back with the hidden cost of boyfriends.

Having a baby? Be prepared to buy insurance, says Money Smart Life.

Work Life

Grad Money has some tips on managing multiple job offers. Unfortunately, we have never had that problem.

Silicon Valley Blogger lists jobs that are in hot demand, so if you’re looking for one of these you probably have a better chance at having the multiple offer problem./p>

Once you have the offer, take a look at Penny Nickel’s thoughts on salary negotiations and the gender gap.

< Debt Free has Five Tips to protect yourself against job loss. Unfortunately we have had that problem.

Give Us Credit

Broke-ass student tells us how to fight back against collection agencies. Before it gets that far, listen to Money Walks’ debt management tips.

Canadian Financial Stuff is worried about credit card fraud.

Make Your Nut made a boo-boo by not keeping track of shifting due dates. According to Analyze This, the late fees and other penalties he faced were necessary.

Credit Card Lowdown suggests balance transfer arbitrage. We suggest watching out for balance transfer fees.

No Credit Needed Don’t Need No More Credit, apparently. Tight Fisted Miser chimes in with 5 ways not to use your credit cards.

Scott on Money is improving his credit score.

On Planning for the Future

Start early. Thus saith Poorer than You. My New Choice also has some tips.

Time and Money Group point out that commodity stocks have broken out.

Canadian Dream has had it up to here with ads suggesting he’ll be flipping burgers in retirement if he doesn’t plan ahead. But what if my dream is to open a barbecue joint?

Free Money Finance looks at ways to double your money in five years. Blunt Money suggests starting a savings snowball. After all, according to Money for the rest of us the little things add up. Bryan C. Fleming invites you to join the million dollar savings club, but first you’ll have to open an online account. Meanwhile, My Wealth Builder will tell you why you aren’t wealthy yet.

Ask Mr. Credit Card and Savvy Steward have some 401(k) selection advice, while Lazy Man and Money suggests throwing it out and Jim plays devil’s advocate on the benefits of a Roth IRA. Green is look sick will tell you how to open an IRA at Fidelity, but watch the fees, says My Retirement Blog, and make sure it doesn’t get looted, urges Fire Finance. Our advice: max out the plan by investing in something. You’ll always come out ahead relative to doing nothing. As for specific funds, talk to an expert who knows your personal situation, or make yourself an expert.

Are those free stock trades really free? Living the Dream has an answer. The Boring Made Dull dissects a hot stock tip. Brad bought penny stocks, and got what he paid for. No, wait – if he had actually bought pennies he would have come out ahead. That’s why Frugal Duchess urges you to keep track of them.
Surfer Sam discusses the how and why of setting up a living trust.

Stranger in a Strange Land, presents the cheerful alternative to retiring without enough money – dying first.

Health Care

InsureBlog answers the question of whether it is worth being uninsured. Can you guess the answer?

Five Cent Nickel warns us to always double-check the medical bills.

Around the House

Aridni has tips for the first-time homebuyer.

John Barker says you can get down payment assistance, but Searchlight Crusade warns about games lenders play.

My Financial Journey presents says renting isn’t all that bad.

The Clever Dude has tips to save money by insulating your home’s crawl-space. We think he’d be cleverer if he didn’t go down into dark, dank spaces.

Other Stuff

Wise Bread has tips on hustling free drinks.

Making our Way asks how you would stereotype them.

Queercents investigates whether you should hire a tax pro.

Money Under 30 has the lowdown on high yield checking accounts.

Financial Options has the current economic calendar.

Mighty Bargain Hunter demonstrates how to buy retail goods at wholesale prices.

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