Performance Review – Week of 24 March 2007

The Stock Market Beat watch lists continued to perform well this week. The Small Cap Watch List (Track at Marketocracy) only gained 3.24%, trailing the 4.07% from the S&P small cap and 3.95% from the Russell 2000. Still, since inception on 31 January it maintains a significant lead over its peers.


The Mid Cap Watch List (Track at Marketocracy) also trailed the S&P mid-cap, but only slightly (3.76% vs 3.86%.) Since inception it, too, has a strong lead.


The Large Cap Watch List (Track at Marketocracy) posted a 4.09% gain, easily beating the S&P 500’s 3.54% and gaining a little breathing room.

The legacy all-cap watch list from June 2006 gained 3.58%, while our own portfolio gained just 1.40%.


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