Hi and welcome to Stock Market Beat! As you may know, we are a financial advisory firm that deals with a wide array of earning and investment options. Beyond all of that, we have a blog that we utilize to regularly publish nuggets of much needed wisdom about money, the stock market, and even general discussions about investments.

It is our wish to keep that blog running and in order to do just that, we need the right kind of people for it. We need writers!

Stock Market Beat is seeking writers to join the crusade of battling financial illiteracy and getting people up to speed about their stock market options. We are looking for individuals who:

Have Investing Experience

It is important to us that the voices of experience are the ones which sound off in our blogs. While theoretical discussions are nice, we need deeper and grounded articles to do it justice. We would highly prefer writers that have personal investing experience—even if they do so through a broker.

Strong Writing Skills

People tend to underestimate the time, dedication, and skill that often go into pulling words together and making them sing. This is something that we have really come to understand as we’ve developed our own blog. We would highly prefer writers who have strong writing skills as they would be aware of the nuances that are needed to express concrete thought and ideas.

If you believe that you would be a good candidate, send us an email with a couple of writing samples at heleneasley@stockmarketbeat.com.